About Little Pub Company

A Latvian, some half-Latvians, and some people crazy enough to marry Latvians. That's pretty much the ownership picture for us. Started in 1994, Little Pub Company is still proud to be family owned. And yeah, Colorado family owned. Try out Colorado Springs High School Class of 1959. Douglas County High School back when it was the only one in the county. Latvians from Castle Rock? Ridiculous, right?

Well, it just so happens we just brought in a bunch of non-Latvian people we liked to help us run the thing. And here we are today: one big happy mongrel family of people from all over the place busting our tails to keep everyone who walks in the door happy. We owe everything we are today to the strength of our people. A bunch of total studs, if you ask me...or come see for yourself.

Our customers are all over the map too. We work to welcome everybody. People in Carhartts and people in suits. Singles, couples, cougars, families, and parents on date night. I guess our crowds are kind of like that Sesame Street song "The People in Your Neighborhood". Jeez, did that sound dumb, or what? Let me try again. Our crowd is like the smiling people with the stretchy burrito cheese in those Taco Bell ads: diverse and different, yet really getting along at the same time. Just with less of the crazy, melty cheese and stuff.